In my twelve years as a life coach, I’ve accrued a rare combination of certifications and specialties I am proud to hold and serve my clients with.

As a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach, Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, HeartMath® Facilitator,  Myer’s Brigg’s certified facilitator, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Transcutaneous Acupuncturist, Kaiut Yoga Teacher Student  and Bachelors of Social Work my extensive knowledge in the emotional and health-wellness fields is the foundation to my approach in my one-on-one process with my clients.

But no certification, degree or accolade has prepared me to work with you as much as the various facets of my own life.

My role as a woman who has faced serious health challenges.

My role as a wife.

My role as a mother.

The bulk of insight and wisdom I bring to every coaching session is precisely because of these beautiful, intimidating, deeply challenging and divine dynamics.

I too ride a wild roller coaster every day, and my lessons are your lessons.

I’ve seen it, heard it and lived it. Nothing shared in a coaching session shocks me.

On facing health challenges. . .

If you’ve ever faced a health challenge, you know true healing requires more than fixing the symptoms.   At age forty-five I thought I was going into the emergency room to mend a wounded finger. To my surprise, the ER visit exposed the malfunction of the electrical conduction of my heart which eventually required a pacemaker.   Digging to understand my persistent fatigue after my pacemaker was implanted I discovered deeper roots than missed heartbeats and I was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue. My health challenges sparked a curiosity about mind-body connections of dis-ease in the body.    I discovered a minefield of insight into the inner workings of my heart and soul. I bring this body of awareness to my health coaching.

On being a wife. . .

If you’ve lived with one person for any length of time, you learn a lot about yourself and relationships.  After several decades into an intimate relationship, we have ventured into unchartered territory and even undesirable places.  Each fork in the road provides an opportunity to move into deeper layers of knowing self. Every time I enter a coaching session, my 28 years of experience in an intimate relationship is within me.

On being a mother. . .

I have 25 years experience as a mom to five extraordinarily complex and beautiful humans: 25 to 18 years in age.

Through challenging family dynamics, I’ve learned the best way to end suffering is changing the stories in my head about any situation or family member.

This can be applied to all relationships. This includes yours.

If we change our story, we change our relationships.  This requires a tremendous amount of conscious awareness of our thoughts and how we feel about them.

I, as your coach will provide the sacred space for accountability to transform your suffering into possibility.

I, as your coach, weave grace and love into each and every session because those are the primary emotions that provide space and motivation to flourish.

I, as your coach, serve you not just from the proverbial plaques hanging on my wall.

I serve you from my heart.

Let me get to know yours and together, let’s create miraculous shifts.

With love,