Ten Easy Detox Strategies 

These ten easy detox strategies that can be incorporated into your daily life without investing in expensive protocols.    

I have good news for you.

Your body is innately designed for detoxification.

The key is to be in sync with the body’s natural detox rhythm.  This is where I geek out on the body.  

Our bodies are beyond beautiful.   

The digestive and immune systems collaborate to eliminate unnecessary toxins and regenerate on a daily basis.   

The midnight hours are when your body is naturally scheduled for detox.  

How cool is it that?

Your only job is to surrender, lay your sweet head on the pillow and allow your body to go to work.  

How’s that for an Aha assignment?  

Consider the fact that the detox industry is a multi billion dollar marketing genius.   They need you to be in the dark about your body’s detox super powers.  

The industry preys on the hopes of people who simply want to feel better, shed resistant weight gain and improve their health, all the while pumping the supplement company’s bank accounts.  

Specific detox protocols definitely have a place in maintaing optimal health yet we have forgotten our unique design that is beyond capable to detox under normal circumstances when we are in sync with the body’s natural rhythm. 

I get it.  We want a quick fix.

Powders, pills and “done for you protocols”  are easier to follow.  They help us to feel like we are doing something and we experience temporary results.  

What I witnessed in my former self and with clients is that we tend to swing from indulgence to restriction.  The body and mind read both extremes as stressful.

Effective detox actually requires hanging out in the parasympathetic mode which is rest and relaxation.  

This is why the body’s natural detox happens from evening to dawn while we are resting and not digesting.  

Ideally, we would have mini fasting on a daily basis between dinner and breakfast.  

Fasting is now on trend and I get it because fasting helps the body detox but the natural rhythm of the body is to fast on a daily basis as I mentioned above.  

Fasting as a spiritual practice is another topic and practice.  


Take a moment.  Breath in deeply.  Exhale and let it go.  Follow your breath for a few moments.  Inhaling and exhaling with inner ease.  The relaxation you may be feeling is the Central Nervous System in parasympathetic mode.  

I want to invite you to the space in between.  

I call it the middle.  

There’s stability in the middle.

The middle is sustainable.  

Teetering on the extremes is exhausting over time.  

The middle is not laborious.  

The middle is characterized by strategy and purpose.   

The strategy is informed by your unique history, culture, lifestyle, genetics and *epigenetics.

Creating the strategy for finding your middle is one of my super powers.  If you’re interested, let’s talk.  

Toxic Build-up is Brought About by a Variety of Factors.  

  • Stress (real and perceived)
  • Unhealthy fats
  • Processed Foods
  • Sugar
  • Environmental toxins like metals, mold, chemicals in skincare and body products, air and water pollution
  • Inflammation
  • Trauma  (emotional, physical, harming and not harming, for example, surgery is a form of trauma) 

Ten Easy Strategies to Support Your Body’s Natural Detox System and Rhythm.

  1. Drink water.   Water hydrates your whole system and participates in flushing out toxins and cleansing your colon.  Your body is about 60% water.   Your cells, organs, lymphatic system and blood are dependent on water to effectively and efficiently perform their duties.   Water is a key player in the detoxification process.  
  2. Eat whole, organic, non-processed foods.  Live fruits and vegetables, lean, wild caught, grass fed sources of protein.  
  3. Eliminate known inflammatory foods.  Gluten. Corn. Soy. Sugar. Dairy.  
  4. Boost glutathione levels.  Glutathione is the mother of all anti-oxidants. It protects the mitochondria (engine of cells) from viruses and bacteria and gobbles up toxins.  Glutathione is depleted by lack of sleep, stress, processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine.  
  5. Drink organic green tea.  Green tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that boosts glutathione levels.   
  6. Stop eating and drinking after dinner for 10-12 hours so that you are in sync with your body’s natural rhythm of detoxification.  This allows your digestive system to rest so that your detox organs can turn on and do their work.  
  7. Exercise and sweat to move the toxins through your system and skin.  
  8. Drink smoothies and juices consisting of greens, turmeric, ginger, celery, berries.  
  9. Castor oil packs.  Beckoning back to days of old.  You can purchase a castor oil kit here.  In addition you’ll need a cloth you don’t mind if it gets saturated with castor oil and a heating pad.  Dampen the wool cloth that comes in the kit with castor oil, place that over your liver, lying down, place the extra cloth over the soaked castor oil cloth and place the heating pad on high over these.  Rest, relax for 20-30 minutes and allow your liver to be loved and cared for.  
  10. Go to bed around 10pm and get plenty of rest.  This allows your body to be in rest, reset and regeneration mode.  

These ten easy detox steps are effective ways to help your body regain its own Vitallly You rhythm. I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

*Epigenetics:  The unique way our genes express themselves based on factors that are separate from our DNA.   I think about it in terms of factors that turn genes on and off.   I’ll give you an example from my life.  In 2011,  I was prediabetic.  Diabetes runs in my dad’s side of the family.   By changing my eating sugar and carbohydrate consumption, I was no longer prediabetic.  

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