Your Body Knows

Your body is a map of everything that has ever happened to you.

It’s a personalized word processor of the history of your life from the perspective of your physical existence.   The data began all the way back in time when little embryo you were formed in your mother’s womb.

That’s a helluva lot of data!  

The very first coaching tool I learned in my training at the feet of Dr. Martha Beck in 2006 was The Body Compass.  To be honest, it rocked my world.  I learned that there were contradictions between my conscious mind and my body.   Over time, I discovered that my body was the access point to the truth of my soul.  

The body carries no story like my mind does.  It does not operate from fear or self protection because it has no narrative.  It responds just as Physics informs us.  An object remains at rest until acted upon.  

It carries your DNA and is acted upon based on your thoughts, emotions and the traumas that occur.    Narratives are created from the perspective of your cultural, educational and familial influences.  The narrative will have it’s root in fear or love and pleasure or pain.   For example,  a trauma happens upon a body, it’s an accident.  Each person will have a unique physiological response to a similar accident which will be influenced by the story they tell themself about the accident.  

It goes like this.

You have beliefs and thoughts about your life and what happens to you.  

The thoughts you allow to stick create an emotional reaction.

The emotional reaction sets off a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters.

The cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters create the physiology that will either fuel your cells and tissues toward health or deplete them toward dis-ease.  

It’s pretty trippy, don’t you think?

Thoughts and emotions are inscribed in the fabric of our cells and tissues sparking health or disease.  

You can tap into your inner guidance system by paying attention to how your body is responding to people, environment, food, work, you name it.  

Notice disease patterns and pain patterns.   They’re not just physical.   Your body definitely has a specific way it speaks to you in varying degrees relative to the intensity of pain or pleasure.  

I blew up the electrical conduction of my heart and although my electrophysiologist said it was “just a worn out body part,”  I know stress was a major contributor.  

2017 was a seriously stressful year for me so much that I took a sabbatical.  All year, I had left side pain that started in my ankles and snaked it’s way up to my shoulders.  The pain impeded my walking and yoga.   Referencing Louis Hay’s book “Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes of Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them” there was a clear correlation between my stress and the physical dis-ease.   

The beauty of your body’s map is that it is knowable and responsive to shifts in your narrative and lifestyle choices.

New cells are created daily and your body’s immune system is designed for self-healing.

Yes, we eventually leave behind our physical bodies but how we move through that is largely determined by our mindset.

If you’re curious about the wisdom in your body, consider joining me in 2019 for my Kaiut Yoga Retreat where we will learn how to release the stress that has become stuck in our tissues, OR apply to my Vitally You, Holistic Health Mastermind intensive coaching program, where we will learn about sustainable health from the inside out as a community of eight women.

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  • This is so very helpful Dana – thank you! When I start to think about everything in life being imprinted on and in my body, that serves as a strong motivator to begin addressing unhealthy narratives and habits. Your words are wise and motivating. xoxo