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I’m thankful you’re here.

During the last year I took a Social Media pause and a work sabbatical to process a personal challenge.   I was not able to serve my clients and community while metabolizing my own painful feelings.  So, I did what I would have told my clients to do.

I stepped aside.

I leaned into my own internal compass.

I leaned into the comfort of a few intimate friends.

I leaned into the experience of professionals. 

I leaned into my connection to spirit.  

I leaned into every coaching tool I have ever prescribed to my clients!   Seriously, these tools have staying power.  

I got quiet.

I listened.  

I did not look for validation or retribution.

The truth is. 

Life is messy.  

The real measure of a person’s fortitude is how they respond when their foundation is in jeopardy.  

We always have a choice.   I don’t care what’s happened in your life, you are not a victim unless you see yourself as a victim.   

Each choice is rooted in the primal feelings of love or fear.  

Love is an emotion that regenerates and heals the body, spirit and mind.

Fear is an emotion that deteriorates the foundation.  

You and only you can empower yourself.    

I can promise you there will be a ripple effect based on your response.  

I chose to believe that I had the competency to handle my situation.  

And I was.  

I could have melted in a pool of tears and there were episodes of ugly crying but I didn’t drown myself in them.  

Let me take a balcony view and explain what I experienced to be true. 

Life happens and your life is marked your with a “before and after.” 

This is a point of choice moment.

It’s big.  Monumental.

How do you see yourself?

Can you handle the heat?

The heat of the cascade of emotions that accompany “before and after” scenarios.  

You CAN.


First things first.  

You have to believe you can.

The way you see yourself is the cornerstone.  

The feelings are real.   Your thoughts are powerful.  

Our tendency is to only want to experience emotions that are pleasurable but that would require life in a bubble or life in denial.  

Emotions we like to label as “bad” aren’t bad.  There are no good or bad emotions.  

Emotions are a guidepost of how we perceive what’s happening in our life.  

Grief, disappointment, sadness, rage, despair are real emotions that need to be seen, felt, metabolized and released.  

 You actually have power over your feelings because thoughts come before feelings and feelings determine physiology, but I’m going to save that concept for another blog post.  

Thoughts are born from our belief system.  

A belief system is wiring or software in the brain based on culture, upbringing and what you tell yourself to be true.  

Many years ago while living in Brazil, my children had a teacher who wanted to atune the culture of the 5th Grade classroom to the philosophy presented in the book, “The Four Agreements.”   My curiosity was peeked.  I read the book and decided to imprint the philosophy into my neural “software.”  

I’ve practiced the agreements all these years so that when my foundation was threatened my system responded from that circuitry. 

The Four Agreements

  1. Be impeccable with your word.  Be honest.   
  2. Don’t take anything personally.   The world does not swirl around you.  Life happens and it’s not personal.   People’s actions may impact your world but the root of their actions has nothing to do with you, rather their own inner software!   Consider natural disasters, a home is destroyed in a hurricane or volcano eruption.  It’s not personal.  We have to release control because control is an illusion and nature is our main teacher in this arena.  
  3. Don’t make assumptions.  Release yourself from trying to figure out why people behave they way they do, why shit happens.  Life happens.  If you can clarify, ask for clarification but don’t create a false narrative because you will believe whatever you tell yourself and it may be very far from the truth.  
  4. Always do your best.  Because, why not?  After half a century of walking the planet, I realize, life is short so why not show up with the very best you have to offer.    Be at peace with your best.  We are not perfect.   We are not infallible human beings and the quicker you realize your own imperfections, the sooner you can release yourself and others from the weight judgement and shame.  

So, I’m returning to you after making it through one of life’s storms and feeling confident that we have work to do together.

Here’s my commitment to you from my blog.  

I have spent the past ten plus years studying a variety of topics that fall under human potential and self care. 

I will be sharing what I’ve learned under the following categories.

Wellness:  Inside out self-care.  Functional Nutrition.  Feeling younger while growing older.  

Personal:  I’ll share anything in my life that might be helpful for your journey.  

Recipes:  From my kitchen to yours, let’s enjoy life using food as medicine and celebration.  

Travel:  The world is our oyster.   I’ve lived on three continents.  I’ve traveled to five.   Let’s travel the globe together.   

This is life. 

It’s Shocking.  Dull. 

Beautiful.  Ugly. 

Hard.  Soft. 

Delicious.  Bitter.  

You determine how you will live and respond to your given circumstances. 

I hope to see you here twice a month.  



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  • I’m excited to go on this journey with you. This post was so positive. How generous of your heart and spirit to share the lessons of the storm you mention. Thank you Dana!

  • What a talent and being you are with a big, beautiful, open heart to help others on their journeys! Reading your post, I found myself taking big breaths of relief — and knowing.