Wake Up Call


Life is strung together with fresh beginnings and the more obvious one is the breaking of dawn each morning.

How you start your day sets your foundation for the day.

Morning routine has been a recent  trend in conversations with my clients which led me to this post.

A positive morning routine is a life changer.

I build my daily foundation like this.

BE awake about how you start each day.  If not, you will start each day responding to external circumstances that happen around you or to you instead of being the master of your daily destiny.

Consciously choose a routine.

Don’t expect an inspired start to the day if you aren’t going to create it.

Inspired action on our part, reciprocates with inspiration.

How do you want to feel throughout the day?

Before you get out of bed, recall a feeling state of choice.

Bring to memory a time in your life when you experienced that emotion and inhale and exhale the memory and feeling into your heart.

Start the day with a morning meeting with yourself.  It’s my nod to what is most valuable in my life beyond the tyranny of the urgent.    It’s when my ears and heart are open to what is inside and wants to be seen and heard.

Don’t buy the lie that your morning responsibilities with or for your loved ones prohibit you from taking a moment for yourself first.

Busy-ness is a shield worn to keep us distant from our true desires.

One minute of quiet before chasing the day’s demands will have a remarkable return on investment.

My morning quiet time is a non-negotiable.   There’s not one priority or demand that trumps how I step out of bed every morning.

We are flooded with noise once we engage with the family, our work space and “the great out there” that the quiet voice of the soul is easily drowned out.

Don’t forsake the physical.

Hydrate really well.  I start the day with 20 oz of warm lemon water.  This gets everything moving, fuels your cells and organs and helps with internal ph balance.

Fuel your body with sustaining food like protein,  fiber,  greens and superfoods.    Otherwise, you risk blood sugar imbalances, dehydration and cravings for sugar and caffeine as quick fixes.    This doesn’t have to be overcomplicated.  Settle on an easy fuel filled breakfast and make it routine if you aren’t a kitcheny person.

To be honest, my morning cup o’ java is an integral part of my morning meeting with myself.  Meetings and a warm beverage are partners in my framework!   For many nutritionists caffeine in the morning is a “no no.”  My view is that this is a bio-individual decision.  One cup of coffee in the morning for me has no negative impact.  For some people caffeine first thing in the morning is like setting a rocket on fire before all systems are go.   Knowing what’s right for you requires investigation.

Creating bio-individual nutritional plans is the work I now do as a Functional Nutritionist and Lifestyle Practitioner.   I’ll be elaborating about my latest work in an upcoming newsletter.  If you’re interested, make sure you are on my mailing list by signing up for my free e-book.

One last comment about a morning routine.  You may be a morning exercise enthusiast like me.   However, my clear bias is that exercise is secondary to a meaningful morning routine that starts with consciously choosing emotions, food and a meeting with yourself.

Cheers to waking up to you!

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