It’s About Clarity and Choices

New Year, Let’s Get Clear

Clear on my intentions
Clear on my heart’s desire
Clear on my ideal clients

It started while “Chasing Desire!”

(By the way, if you haven’t downloaded my free ebook, it’s never too late to get clear on your chase in 2016.)

While I love my clients from all ages, I’ve decided to make changes to accommodate an age group that I have loved working with more and more.

A few years ago, I started coaching Jenn Dieas, the owner of Glowout Salons in Chicago. We met as sister female entrepreneurs at a Crave Chicago Leap Day event held at Mac ’n Cheese Productions.

Jenn has been a client who consistently shows up and leans in to every challenging situation with guts and grace in pursuit of letting go of drama, making peace with the past and intentionally creating what her soul desires.

Over the past few years, Jenn has referred people like herself to me. The reality is that they have been primarily younger and not in a financial position to pay my published rate of $225, so I created the “Glowout” special coaching rate for $150. This has been a little secret between the two of us and her referrals…. until today.

The truth is they have become my ideal clients and I want more of them!

Regardless of where you need clarity about a particular decision or area of your life, defining what you desire provides the salient information most needed.  Coming to clarity about my desired ideal client provided the insight I needed to change directions in my coaching practice.

As of today, my new coaching rates reflect what my ideal clients can afford to pay and I’m deLighted about it.

My passion as a coach has always been to make a tangible impact in the lives of my clients not build a business.
My most trusted mentors have taught me the importance of treating a coaching practice like a business so I sincerely appreciate the business aspect. This move might seem like a counter intuitive business decision to some but I don’t see it that way.

I think proper pricing to attract your peeps is smart.

It is my goal that my clients leave a coaching session feeling more vibrant, hopeful, lighter and more equipped for whatever they are facing.

Establishing healthy relationships.
Creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and nourishing.
A desire to make peace with your past.
Frustrated with patterns you can see but have not been able to shift.
Clearing the clutter of emotional drama.
Gain clarity about what you want from life and implement strategies in pursuit of those desires.
Fine tune your relationship with your body, mind and soul.
IF ONLY I would have had the strategies I have today when I was in my 20’s.

Starting today, I’m paying it forward. The “Glowout” special rate will be available to all new clients from here on out. And to my current clients, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m offering $50 off for any new referral clients sent my way.

How about you?   There’s still time to gain clarity about your desires in 2016 so you can make choices that reflect those desires.  I would love for you to join me on this exciting, desire-inspired new journey.

With love, light and clarity,

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