Chasing Desire in 2016

A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
Do you remember the last object of your desire?  
It’s imperative to hone in on what you truly desire if you are to enjoy a life rich in experiences and relationships.  


Desire feels like
Something or someone you want to move toward or merge with.


Desire begins with
I want to
I can’t wait
I get to


So the question is: what do you desire?


My independent non scientific study done by observation as a Life Coach  is that most women and men in our culture struggle to define desire after their 30s.


What typically happens beyond age 30 in our culture?
  • We are further distanced from the innocence of youth which isn’t  “bad,” because becoming a mature adult is  commendable and admirable.  But many times in the pursuit of adulthood, we loose our child like faith and wonder. 
  • We have the urge to merge so we become partnered.
  • We are  in hot pursuit of our career and/or being a parent.


Regardless if work, a spouse or kids capture our attention, we expend a significant amount of energy on behalf of something outside ourselves. 


As women we set aside desire because we’ve slipped into a familiar and cultural code of female service.
This happens at work as much as it does at home.  You tell me if I’m wrong.


Men, I can’t speak for you but what you’ve taught me as a Life Coach is that you slip into the cultural expectation of having a job that is detached from desire but fully attached to providing income.  The culture defines you based on your career success and income earning power, which may or may not be related to the real object of your desire.  


Desire gets buried and unrecognizable.


Helping people rediscover the object of their desire is my greatest privilege as a Life Coach.   As 2014 drew to a close, I realized my own desires were buried under my responsibilities as a mom to five lives and a marriage that felt every day, week, month and year of it’s 25 years. 


I knew it was time to dig deep and uncover my desires.


I named two primary desires for 2015
  1. Grow my coaching business in Chicago.
  2. Improve the quality of my marriage.


I’ll share two highlights from my action plan from 2015 that paved the way for obtaining the objects of my desire.
  1. I hired Jessica Zweig, the creative genius and CEO of Simply Be Agency to help me focus and grow my coaching practice.  I was in for a big surprise because she is a dream catcher and desire chaser.  She’s a brilliant story teller and she continues to help me crystalize my story.
  2. I started a daily gratitude practice called The Marriage Gratitude Challenge.  I watched my perspective and experience shift as I focused on the positive aspects of our marriage and what we had built together instead of dissatisfaction or complaint.


As 2015 draws to a close I am deeply grateful for how chasing desire has improved the quality of my work, relationships and experiences. And so it is from a heart full of gratitude and abundance that I have a created special gift for you as you approach a new year, to help you dive deep into what you crave and let your desires guide you into a life full of possibility and passion.


Introducing my Chasing Desire DIY Strategy Session, a heart-centered, thorough and deeply personal guidebook. Together, we’ll look at every aspect of your life, your relationships, you work and your soul to tap deeply into your desires, leaving you with a roadmap towards creating your most meaningful year yet.


Are you ready?

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