The Fear Experiment

From the moment I heard about The Fear Experiment  (FE), the brain child of Saya Hillman,

owner of Mac n’ Cheese Productions and  proliferator of “A Life of Yes” mindset,

my insides jumped with curiosity.

Being fairly new to the Chicago area, I missed local shared experiences that tie people’s lives together.

I was also an extremely shy child and never purposefully agreed to talk in front of the class or on a stage.

Nope, I ran the other way all because of FEAR.  As an adult I had conquered fear on so many levels, minus the stage.

As a mom I’ve watched my kids’ apparent effortless performances on stages for multiple audiences for years in awe of their composure and confidence.

I always wondered, if they could do it, hey, same genes, maybe I could?

Through FE, Saya provided the perfect opportunity to test my hypothesis.

However, I had every reason why I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

The facts:

1. I’m a mom to five kids ages 12-20.  You know what that life looks like, a head full of schedules, carpools, appointments, concerns and lots of foraging, prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning up food.

2. I was also a practicing Master Certified Life Coach with my own business and attempting to birth an essential oil line of aromatherapy.

3. My husband travels a lot which means I’m a single parent often.

4. Peri-menopause was attempting to destroy my sanity.  I couldn’t even remember where I put my keys or purse, imagine learning choreography!

5. One year living with a pacemaker at age 46 and fatigue was still attempting to grip my days.

Why FE for me, the woman whose life was already so full?

But for the still small voice that whispers our heart’s desires like a friend whispers secrets during a sleep over while the house sits silently.  Mine had been whispering to do something different, out of the box, something local, fun, meet new people…you’re more than a mom or a coach, shake life up a little.

My heart lept thinking about FE.

So I answered Saya’s call to a “Life of Yes” through FE with “YES.”

Then I panicked.

Especially after I got our family’s Fall schedule.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.

No way, I can’t do it, I’m too busy…so I called Saya and attempted to bail.  Fear wanted an exit strategy.

Saya gently prodded and poked, encouraging my participation.

I’m forever thankful she did and,  I did!

I would have missed the massive blessing of stretching myself way beyond my imagined boundaries and meeting a spectacular group of people.

Yes, we danced and performed and rocked the house but truly my own internal victories, which shall remain private, and the relationships I made were worth every sacrifice on the home front.

Click the link below for a snippet of Fear Experiment 3, The Show.

The Circle


FE jiggled my internal spaces loose and helped me see  other areas of my life with greater clarity.


That’s a “Life of Yes!”

DeLight Full

Is there a still small voice whispering sweet somethings in your ear?

Don’t dull that precious voice by blocking it’s message to your heart.

Open those passageways, listen and take heed.

Your Life will thank you!





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