Expecting Magic

As a child, Christmas Eve was my most magical night of the year.

Would I be able to sneak a peek at Santa?

Lying in bed, listening to the festive noises of the older generations in my family,

I swear I heard sleigh bells ringing and reindeer hooves on the rooftop.


Falling asleep, impossible.

The breaking of dawn felt light years away.

I trusted I would awaken to a treasure trove of gifts and jolly Christmas spirit.

A child’s hope in Christmas magic is shared with the kings in the nativity story.

They followed an elaborate systems of explanation based on the movement of the

sun, moon and planets through the constellations of the zodiac, for predicting events.

Evidence they read in the skies revealed a great king was to be born and

they set off on a journey, following the stars, to greet this coming king.

Along with them they brought gifts fitting a king.

Frankincense was one of those gifts.

In ancient times, frankincense was used to annoint the newborn sons of  kings and


The gift of frankincense clearly demonstrated to Mary and

Joseph the wise men’s belief that this baby was royalty.

Imagine how Mary must have felt.

She had been secretly removed from her home town to birth this baby privately,

away from the curious glances of her local tribe.

She would not have the traditional celebration accompanying the birth of one’s first


No, the birth of her first child would be on the run, a long distance from the company

loved ones.

Mary had placed her faith solely in  supernatural encounters with an angel named,


She must have been looking for a magical confirmation herself after the birth of Jesus

to confirm her supernatual conversations.

Face it, pre-birth, it didn’t appear as though she was having a son of royal importance.

The unexpected arrival of these wise men, bearing gifts fitting for a king, must

have felt magical to Mary.

At Christmas, anything can happen.

During the Christmas season, not only do we give the largest percentage of money

than any other time of the year,  I believe we are more conscious of marginalized

citizens like the homeless and people living in poverty.   Homes with no means of

buying toys, receive gifts from strangers and hungry tummies are fed.

If but for a moment, there is respite from burdens carried.

Frankincense is an oil that relieves burdens.

It relaxes and invirgorates simultaneously.

Frankincense is an oil used in annointing and spiritual celebrations since

antiquity.  Frankincense supports meditation, prayer and spiritual enhancement.

It was used to cleanse rooms where the ill had been.  Egytian women

painted their eyes with a powder produced from frankincense.   It’s an antiseptic,

antiviral, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial and expectorant.   Frankincense is

also known to reduce cancer tumors in scientific research.

It protects against self destruction, repression and despair.

Mary would have felt loved and honored to have received frankincense from her

unexpected visitors.

That’s Christmas magic!

Frankincense is in two of Capim Santo Alchemy’s signature blends, Soar and



* Research  from the book, “Healing Oils, Healing Hands,”  by Linda L. Smith