Aromatherapy Workshop

Ignite the alchemist within by crafting your own magic potion at an aromatic banquet of essential oils.

Essential oils are essential and creatively crafted blends purposed to speak to your individual needs have the power to work magic in your life. Join me for an interactive aromatherapy workshop learning the basics of craft blending single oils to speak to your emotional and physical well-being. I’ll have 30 plus single oils for your experimentation. Each participant will blend a unique magic potion in a beautiful blue glass roll-on bottle. As bonus material I’ll introduce The Emotional Landscape coaching tool prior to blending as a navigational guide to choosing your essential oils.

Tea will be served. Please feel free to bring your dinner if you’re coming from work.

Read more about the workshop here.

Interested in hosting a workshop?

Contact Dana. 

You’ll need ten aromatically curious guests and a space with a large island.

$35 per guest.



I use my essential oil roller most nights before I go to bed, I feel it helps me relax and sleep better! Thanks again for a fun and informational class. 🙂


Love your presence. Dana has the ability to see everyone and make everyone feel at ease, loved and supported.


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