The Amazon Retreat

A Brazilian Adventure into Self Exploration

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Travel the road less traveled with me.

This Brazilian “Journey of the Senses” promises to be exhilarating, eye-opening and heart-bending, earth grounding, enlightening and extravagant adventure.

A Journey of the Senses is an opportunity to travel to a wild area of the world that takes your breath away, and is not that simple to navigate alone. Brazil and of particular intrigue, the Amazon, moves you. Words do no justice to the feeling of jettisoning down the expanse of the river in a motor boat in transit to your remote lodge. You feel the breadth of the water holding you and the distinction and distance from where you’ve traveled.

Living in Brazil from 2000-2008, I fell in love with every place my foot landed on soil or water. To know Brazil is to know the people are fiercely proud of their country, culture and soccer teams! Brazilians are a beloved and welcomed people all over the world because their attitude toward life is an energy that is contagious and palpable.

This is where we are going…in body, mind and soul.

The Mamirauá Reserve and Uacari Lodge

Whisk yourself away into the heart of the world’s largest protected flooded forest, the Mamirau Reserve at the Uacari Lodge. Cradle yourself in the sights, sounds, tastes and rhythms of nature during this sacred time of retreat, reflection, rejuvenation, friendship, and adventure. You’ll be guided with daily meditations and physical movement for ultimate well-being. Daily eco-excursions will be led by English speaking professional guides.

The Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is a state protected area, located between Solimões, Japurá and Auti-Paraná rivers. Uakari Lodge itself is a self-sustaining, eco-friendly floating lodge in the heart of the Brazilian rainforest that incorporates the culture, food and rhythms of the Amazon.

This is an off-the-beaten-path adventure that allows insight into local culture. We are visiting the Amazon at the end of the rainy season. We will explore the forest trails from paddling canoes. Biceps ready, let’s row! Motorized canoes will help us reach a local riverine community among other destinations. When the water rises, mammals cloister together due to the diminished dry areas available. We will also scout the pink dolphins and other flora and fauna.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is an iconic world city known for it’s beautiful panoramic views from Pao de Acucar, Christ the Redeemer statue and beaches. The city is set between the mountains and the sea and vibrates to the heartbeat of Brazilian culture with it’s a fusion of Afro-European heritage. We will delight and nourish ourselves relaxing on one of the famous beaches. Feel the rhythms of Brazil through the sounds of Bossa Nova or Samba during a live show. One of the highlights will be a unique guided hike to Pão de Açucar by my dear friend.

Sao Paulo

Our final day will be spent in Sao Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world. It is the epicenter of Brazilian commerce, cuisine and concrete! We will visit the bustling Mercado Municipal and tour the historic center of SP and view the expanse of the city from one of Sao Paulo’s famous rooftops. Our fast track city tour includes a stop at the studio of my favorite Brazilian artist, Isabelle Tuchband. Her work embodies the beauty of Brazilian culture particularly seen through the feminine force.

When in Sao Paulo, do as the Paulistas… Linger over lunch and enjoy it! Our journey culminates over a mouth watering, chic Brazilian lunch.

If you’ve been curious about Brazil, the time is now. I’ve been watching and preparing for this specific Brazilian adventure since I first visited the Amazon in 2008. I feel it in my bones. It has never been as financially feasible than now due to the currency devaluation. Additionally, the infrastructure has improved due to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics investments.

So join me off-the-beaten-path!


And There’s More… a Very Special Bonus

If you’ve ever been on a remarkable trip having taken hundreds of gorgeous photos only to store
them in a digital dumping ground, you’ll appreciate why I’ve secured one of my favorite professional
photographers, Amy Boyle. She holds the royal responsibility of documenting our epic adventure.

  • A custom photography class for the tour (Topics may include Macro Photography,
    Landscape Photography, using your images in social media to tell your story)
  • Mini-Portrait session during the tour with finished jpeg for your use
  • 8×10 group photo
  • A custom 8×10 40 page album
  • a $900 value

If Your Inner Jane Has Been Ignited, Contact Dana Now

Day by Day Bird’s Eye View

Four Days in the cradle of the Amazon, two days in Rio, one day in SP
April 3-11
April 3

      • Meet in Manaus
      • Inaugural Dinner

April 4

      • Morning Tour of Manaus
      • Flight to Tefe, Brazil

April 4-8

      • Amazon Immersion in Water at the Mamiraua Reserve, Uacari Lodge
      • Daily eco excursions with locally trained guides
      • Themed daily meditations and movement

April 8

      • Flight from Tefe to Manaus to Rio
      • Transition to Rio

April 9-10

      • Rio Sights, Sounds, Taste and Feel of Rio
      • Hike up Pao de Acucar
      • Visit to the Cristo Redentor
      • Brazilian beaches and market

April 11

    • Flight to Sao Paulo
    • Sights, touch and taste of Sao Paulo
    • Historical city tour including Mercado Municipal
    • View of the city from a famous Sao Paulo rooftop
    • Lingering Sao Paulo lunch
    • Visit to the studio of Brazilian artist Isabelle Tuchband.

Your Soulful Guides

Your Guide – Dana Frost

Dana is a midwestern hearted wanderlust. She was an expatriate for ten years in South America with a brief stint in Switzerland before repatriating in 2008. She has traveled to North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East
and Australia.

Dana is a mom to five lives, two of whom were adopted while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her love for holistic healing practices, fueled her creation of an exotic handcrafted line of essential oil products, Capim Santo Alchemy, for aromatherapy purposes.

Since 2008, Dana has been a certified Master Coach with Martha Beck, Inc. Her coaching is infused with aromatherapy, ancient wisdom and heart-centered therapy based on HeartMath®. Aromatherapist with Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, Transcutaneous Acupuncturist with Dr. Norm Shealy and HeartMath® Facilitator and healer with the Native American Nemenhah Church.

Find Dana:

Coaching and trip facilitation fees $1500
Value $5000

Your Photographer – Amy Boyle

Internationally published, Amy Boyle has been a photographer for more than 20 years. Amy graduated from Northwestern
University where she received a dual degree in art history and marketing. Her body of work includes events, fine art,
portraiture, theater, and travel photography.

Amy Boyle’s keen artistic vision coupled with her genuine and warm personality allow her to photograph subjects in a way
that truly captures their natural essence that is authentic to each of their personal stories. Her inspired photos and ability to easily connect with people of all ages bring a unique depth and beauty that rises from print to tell a tale.

Find Amy:

On Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as @amyboylephoto

As seen in: New York Times, Washington Post, Fortune Magazine (US and International issues), O Magazine, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-times, Variety, Playbill, A Perfect Event Magazine and many others.

Full-Package Cost and Important Details

    • A personal guide who spent eight years living and traveling throughout Brazil
    • Introduction to Manaus”Gateway of the Amazon”
    • All inclusive five day stay at National Geographic award winning lodge with local professional guides
    • An Amazon adventure to the largest protected body of water in the world.
    • Hotels and airport transfers in Manaus, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
    • Brazilian domestic flights
    • Visits to Pão de Açucar, Cristo Redentor, famous Brazilian beaches, tour of the historical district of São Paulo
    • Exclusive visit to a Brazilian artist’s atelier
    • All meals including special restaurants in Rio and São Paulo
    • One live music experience
    • Photography services per trip description
    • 40 Page memory book

ANDA Brazilian touch: Three surprise keepsakes (lembrancinhas in Portuguese)

Cost $5900

  • Excludes airfare to and from Brazil, Brazilian entry visa application and fee, elected vaccinations, alcohol and trip insurance.
  • Payment via credit card requires additional payment of CC fees
  • Includes in-country airfare and transfers unless you stay an extra night in Sao Paulo.

***The paid group transfer to the SP airport will be provided upon completion of our time together on Monday. We cannot accommodate individual airport transfers due to traffic congestion.

Important details:

The quote for the trip is based on the current Real to US dollar exchange rate as well as the quotations received directly from the hotels and service providers. I am booking many individual and unique options for the trip which combines the Amazon, Manaus, Rio and Sao Paulo including lodging, transfers, tours and restaurants. We will enjoy many of the culinary delights from street food to cultural fare to special dinners in Rio and Sao Paulo.

The trip is based on a minimum of 10 participants. A reservation payment of $1900 by December 1. The balance can be paid in monthly installments of $2000, paid in full by March 1. The trip will be full of fun, friendship and adventure but navigable with my assistance for novice travelers in South America.

It is possible the exchange rate will devalue further or the final budget is lower than calculated. In that event, you will receive a refund for that amount.

The first and last caipirinha is on me! Alcohol consumption in between is your responsibility as are snacks and other incidentals while in transit.

You will be responsible to secure and pay for your visa to enter Brazil.

Price does not include single room accommodation. If requested, we will try to accommodate but there may be additional fees.

Vaccinations recommended but not required: Yellow Fever , Hepatitis A, Malaria. Please note although the CDC recommends Malaria, the lodge is considered a Malaria free zone.

Trip insurance recommended. Not included.

In conclusion, $5900 excludes airfare to and from Brazil, Visa, elected vaccinations, single room accommodation,
transit incidentals, alcohol and trip insurance.

Experienced travelers only. If you’re interested, please contact Dana here.

The photographer of most of the photos included in this document is Pedro Moura Pinheiro, be sure to check out his amazing work!

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