repatriate mentoring program

Filled with anticipation and expectation we go home after living abroad. We never imagine it could be more difficult than the countries and cultures we have maneuvered.

Speaking from experience, expat guru and author, Robin Pascoe, in her book “Homeward Bound,” says —

“Reality is the very real world of home, wherever that may be in the world, and a far cry from what returnees have described as the fairy tale existence their lives used to be…You are home! Let the new life begin!  NOT SO FAST.  Those three short words should become the mantra for repatriated partners.  Absolutely nothing will be fast about the reentry exercise.  This is the first and most important reality check you need to make.”

The Repatriate Mentoring Program is a choice to be proactive about being “homeward bound.”  Just as we plan and orient ourselves for international assignments, we need to orient ourselves for repatriation.

Returning “home” is riddled with not only great promise, but also common pitfalls. The repatriate mentoring program addresses these forgotten and ignored elements of repatriation, in the context of a virtual community of global nomads.

Benefits of being in the mentoring program.

1. Growing community. It’s not as easy to make friends and connections as it is in the expat community where people are waiting for the next newcomer to arrive with the expectation of having a new possible friend.  When we return home, creating community takes months, maybe even years, especially as we age.  The repatriation mentoring program provides a bridge of friendship, support, and community while you build a new base of friends at home.

2. Choices. As an expat we live with limited choices of food, entertainment, accessories etc. If you are repatriating to the USA, welcome to the world of choices. Something as simple as grocery shopping can be overwhelming, and the overwhelm can produce an inability to make simple decisions like what to have for dinner or what to do next.   By harnessing yourself to a community of repatriates through the mentoring program, you can avoid or be free from paralysis.

3. Domestic help. If you’ve had maids, you will most likely have to settle for a weekly housekeeper. The catch is that even if you didn’t like having a maid while abroad or limited it, life without one will be another transition to move through.  The repatriation mentoring group will provide you with the space to move through the confusing emotions of loss.

4. “I should have” is a hazardous tempting thought that is toxic. The possibility for regret and guilt over what you didn’t appreciate while living overseas is real. Regret and guilt about what was, how it was, what wasn’t enjoyed while had. The repatriation mentoring program will help you unwind unhealthy thought patterns.

5. “I wasn’t happy there and I’m not fully happy here, what’s wrong with me?”  This is another potentially paralyzing thought that can will be dismantled in the repatriation mentoring program. The good news is that you are in transition and this is a great opportunity to be proactive about being happy.

6. You have joined the ranks of global nomads and your home country is no longer the center of the universe. Your perspective has become global not local. What annoys your neighbor, may not even register with you. You have navigated countries, cultures, languages; it’s difficult to get upset about the little things.  Your political views no longer define who you are. For people who have never left their home country, political views tend to define who they are and with whom they associate. Not for the global nomad. You’ve met far too many people who have different world views yet are charming, trustworthy, wonderful friends. As a global nomad you have expanded your personal universe. Global minds do not put as much weight on the propaganda of one country.  In the repatriation mentoring program you will learn to navigate your new on your own culture.

7. Parenting. You will no longer parent like everyone else around you which is ok because while living overseas, you created your unique style. However,  you will face a challenge in continuing down your road less traveled because you will be involved socially as a parent and you will feel the differences. In the repatriation mentoring program, you will be supported and assisted as a parent.

8. “What’s Next?”  In light of the rich experiences you have enjoyed, who are you today after all those journeys, what are the practices you’ve gained overseas that you want to maintain and what needs to be released and finally, we will explore the creative process of your next creative endeavor.

The “Repatriation Mentoring Program” will be a forum for honesty and transparency. You will feel supported, reinforced, encouraged and validated. Back in your home country, no one cares about the past worldly pursuits. One repatriate shared that she NEVER talks about her life abroad with her local friends and that she loves connecting with her expat community because it is the validation of the experiences in her life that changed her life.

This program is for you if you are a recent repatriate and have struggled with the adaptation process or if you are repatriating and would like to be proactive.

Now offered as an intimate 1:1 coaching experience.

12- one hour sessions scheduled according to your needs completed within one year of purchase.

Total investment $2400.

If you have a small group interested in a group repatriation experience, please contact Dana.


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