“I have worked with Dana for the past couple years to help with my stress level at work, focusing on what’s most important in life, and help achieve my personal and business goals. Being a business owner, travelling extensively, fathering three young children, and dealing with the daily stresses of life, I have committed time with Dana to assist me in my life journey. Through discussions, assignments, breathing techniques, meditation, and other forms of coaching, Dana has helped me slow down my life and become a better employer, husband, father, and friend. What I am most impressed with Dana is her ability to listen and give advice that is right on. Unlike a therapist, Dana will give her opinions, but also tools to empower her clients to make positive changes in their lives. Dana’s spirituality and positive energy coupled with her sensibility and realism, gives her an overall well balanced approach to life. I have met thousands of people in my business and personal life and Dana is in the top 1%. If you are reading this because you want to make positive changes in your life and unsure who can help, give Dana 2 hours of your time and you will see why she is so special.”
business owner, husband and father.

“Working with Dana has been the best life altering decision I ever made. I was unsure what exactly life coaching was when I started and for me it was the perfect fit. Rather than rehash all the trauma of my past Dana has helped give me tools based on my experience to learn new behavior and adjust to my life post PTSD.” Thank you Dana for this amazing experience I am forever grateful for.
Jenn Dieas
Golden Girl Chicago

“As a coach I have been coached by many other coaches, but Dana is truly in a league of her own. Working with her is a unique and soulful experience. She somehow naturally calls forth the best within her clients and holds the space for wonder and love to take root. Working with her feels sacred and there’s a kind of unexplainable, but undeniable sweetness that comes from being seen – by her and by yourself – in a new light. After a Resonance Repatterning Session, I was freed from a pattern that was neither kind nor helpful to me, but one that I had not been able to release from on my own.”
Theresa Robbins
Arizona – Home for Wayward Women

“Working with Dana Frost on formulating my signature scent has been a truly incredible experience.  From the very thoughtful questions in the beginning to her ability to listen close and meditate on my responses, it was really surprising.  Dana puts so much thought and care into the entire process, it feels like a retreat, in many ways.  And the end product?  Exactly what I always wanted and couldn’t articulate.  I’m so glad I took the leap and trusted Dana to help me find a unique scent that both supports and delights me.”
Christa Gallopoulos
Carry it Forward

“Dana was a Godsend! She helped me navigate through a very difficult, stressful situation in which I felt trapped and stuck.  Through her intuitive questions, insight and perspective, Dana shed new light on the situation and helped me craft a plan to move forward with joy, resolve and new energy. As a CEO in a family business, there are very few people who I can be candid with and process relational difficulties with and Dana stood in the gap for me!  She helped me reframe my situation and create options when I thought I had none. Dana is a masterful coach who I highly recommend!”
Jami Pogue

“Dana Frost is a brilliant, intuitive, deeply compassionate and highly proactive life coach. She cuts immediately to the core of her clients’ obstacles, and helps dissolve those obstacles so that positive change happens rapidly. Not incidentally, she’s also great fun to work with. I would love to have Dana as a coach, and I suspect you will, too. Hire her if you think you deserve a huge treat (and if you don’t think you deserve a huge treat, hire her immediately–she can fix that). Then settle in and enjoy the ride with a truly gifted coach.”
Martha Beck

“Dana has been able to integrate body, soul, heart, brain, spirit and prayer helping me sort through core issues that I wasn’t even aware of. She provided incredible insight and suggested highly useful tools for me to use on a daily basis. I’ve tried coaching before, but it didn’t quite resonate with me. I wanted it to; it just didn’t…until Dana. I came to quickly believe in and trust Dana’s intuition. There is something about her ability to listen, ask the right questions and/or provide the right advice that really ‘clicks’ for me. I truly look forward to our conversations to help me become more of my essential self.
Chicago, Il

“Dana has a true gift at helping me see things right ‘under my nose’ that are relevant to me becoming my essential self and at the same time she helps me put aside those things that are not relevant. She does this by helping me piece together a story from the moments, dreams and ideas I have but had not been able to fit them all together. I knew they were important, but I just didn’t know how they related in helping me understand my life and the direction I needed to be taking. I guess you could call life a ‘gigantic puzzle’ and there is no one on earth I would rather have help me place the pieces together than Dana.”
Expatriate, 12 years

“Working with Dana has been an enlightening experience. She is able to go outside of the box and present common sense solutions to problems that initially seem insurmountable. More often than not, she points us in the right direction and we arrive at our own solutions. She draws frequently on her own experience and what seems like endless knowledge to address the issue at hand. It has been a real pleasure and privilege to have participated in one of Dana’s seminars and a six week group coaching course. I have benefited greatly from her teachings.”

“Dana has a graceful way of guiding you through your thought process. She enables you to see a different way to look at a problem without telling you what to see. She encourages you to open up to new possibilities in your life. She is a wonderful coach. “

“Meeting Dana was a true blessing in my life. She was the guiding star I had longed for that finally helped me awaken to my true self. “

“Dana was a very professional group coach that made us all feel very comfortable. We all looked forward to our meetings and I personally came away with some valuable tools to help me in my personal quest for peace and joy!”

“Dana has a wonderful way of helping people understand their challenges and come up with strategies to create greater balance and harmony in one’s life.”

“I had the privilege of crossing paths with Dana in Brazil, almost two years ago. Whether you believe in destiny or God, it was truly serendipitous to meet Dana at such a watershed time in my life. She has helped coax me out of myself and given me a new way to see my life. If you haven’t yet worked with Dana, the preceding statement may not have much weight, but much of Dana’s impact on me is in how she’s aided my understanding of my body as my life’s compass. Body, breath, mind, soul, it’s all/we’re all so interconnected and I’ve been so enlightened and grown far more in touch with myself as a result of Dana’s involvement in my life.”

“Dana uses her intuition and beautiful spirit to help me make decisions from my heart.  She is a nurturing person who has the natural ability to say the right thing at the right time.  Dana always has a way of boosting my confidence when I need it most.”
Carrie Beasley
Chicago area

“Dana’s aromatherapy workshop is not just about mixing oils that smell wonderful, it’s about using the science of how scent affects your mood to create a signature blend with personal impact. I am blown away by Dana’s knowledge and ability to help everyone create an essential oil blend that speaks to both their personality and their personal needs.”
Abigail Worthington
Graphic Designer

“Dana is a Very Special Person! Her personality, in addition to her life experiences, give her the ability to bring into our lives consciousness and balance.”
Liza Giusti

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