one-on-one coaching

A sacred space is prepared for you before a coaching session.

Your well-care is my primary focus.

I hold a safe space for you to do the work required so you can SOAR body, mind and spirit.

Your freedom is our victory call.

Freedom so you are free to move into your personal promised land.

Freedom from emotional baggage that holds captive your deepest desires.

Freedom from bitterness, depression, anxiety, lack of clarity and focus and despair.

Freedom to claim the relationships you desire.

Freedom to discover and put to use those super powers already embedded in your DNA.

My coaching sessions are designed to:

Revitalize and strengthen you body, mind and spirit.

Clear negative energy and align your energy with what you want to accomplish in life.

Illuminate the truth and insights of your situation so you can move forward with confidence and joy.

Discover the story of love that replaces fear, anxiety and lack of hope.

Heal broken spirits.

My in-person coaching sessions are multisensory experiences designed not just for your head but are aimed at your heart and every cell in your body where deep, sustained transformation can take place.

You can purchase one coaching session at a time for $150 or a package of five sessions for $625.

Individual Coaching Sessions

I’m happy to offer you a complimentary pre-coaching inquiry if you would like to know more about me or the coaching process.

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