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Jaci and Dana

Jaci’s Fund

It’s simply a dream I had while living in Argentina inspired by a remarkable group of Peruvian woman who were talented, smart, driven and passionate about life.  Their dreams landed with a thud on bank accounts that barely provided for daily bread.  My dream is to put resources in the hands of women like these around the world to expand the possibilities of their dreams.

I shared my idea with a handful of people in hopes of finding a collaborator with no luck.  The dream in my back pocket, life happened and my time was gobbled up with another expat assignment, raising my three daughters and eventually adopting two Brazilian children.

Fast forward and the Jaci Fund is a reality through my coaching practice.  20% of all profits are donated to women around the world needing resources to make their dreams come true.

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There was nothing ordinary about the day I met Jaci. My life would be forever changed.

While living in Buenos Aires I met a group of Peruvian women who were working as maids in Argentina. Uncommon liaisons. I’ve come to expect them.

The phone rang with persistence as I laid in bed half asleep, head pounding with a volcanic fever. Three weeks into my first expat assignment FOB (flat on back) with fever and a headache; I imagined signs of a terminal illness. My husband was on a business trip in chic Rio de Janeiro. Gossip of the newly arrived mom sick in bed with three little girls, husband AOL and NO maid spread like wild fire through the small band of expat women at my children’s school. An Aussie lady, Jane, went into full rescue mode whisking my children away assuring me she had “my back” covered as long as necessary. Sorry ladies, time for a side comment: expat women are the most amazing I’ve ever met. They will give their last drop of blood for one another. They band together like pack wolves trekking through the tundra.

Feeling like I’m on death’s doorstep, my phone is ringing incessantly. Unenthusiastically, I pick up the phone in broken Spanish. I’m greeted by a voice sweeter than dulce de leite, explaining she had just heard I needed a maid and could she please come for an interview right away. I resisted as she persisted, by noon she was in full working mode caring for me like Florence Nightingale. Jaci started talking the minute she walked into my life and to my absolute delight, she hasn’t stopped.

She came with her tribe of Peruvian women…one by one, as we heard their life stories during their respite at our home on the weekends, they were indelibly written on our family’s heart. Passionate about their faith, lavish with their love, generous with their time, smart and dedicated to their work. The hard knocks of life had softened these women and their friendship was our greatest gift during our stay in Argentina.

Access to financial resources was the prime reason they were away from their families scraping out a living working for expats and locals in a country at that time, 4 days journey from their homeland. Common to the migrant immigrant journey many had been mistreated and led astray into jobs paying pennies, abhorrent living conditions and a pea size ration of food.

Working with expats was their golden ticket because they would be treated with respect, fed and paid well.

The acquaintance of my husband raised the bar for male companionship to nearly impossible standards for their own culture. Take note, American women, the evolved American male is the primo catch of a mate in many corners of the world. Eventually, one named her first born after my husband. Little Peruvian “Bert” is growing and being nurtured by a powerful Peruvian woman named Aida.

As fate would have it, our stay in Argentina was short lived but we were able to use the contacts and resources we had to help make Jaci’s dream a reality. She enrolled in a school, which educates and trains people to do mission work around the globe called “Youth With a Mission.”

Jaci currently spends her time serving people wherever she is whether it is in the mountains of Peru coordinating her annual Christmas party for hundreds of children, preparing and delivering food to prisoners incarcerated in Lima or providing basic, lay persons health care to the indigenous people of Ongoy, Peru AND caring for her mother. She speaks Quechua, Spanish and English. September 2009, she will be in Guatemala studying Course II in Health Care for Laypersons working in Third World regions of the world.

Jaci is in the process of writing her life story, which is compelling, gripping and inspiring. Stay tuned if you want to hear more about Jaci and other women like her.

20% of all coaching proceeds will go towards the advancement of opportunities for women in impoverished situations around the world. soak in the HOPE born today!

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