“Our universe is alive with sparks. We have at our fingertips an infinite capacity to light a spark of possibility. Passion, rather than fear, is the igniting force. Abundance, rather than scarcity, is the context.”
~ Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, from The Art of Possibility

Coaching opens a world of endless possibilities!

Coaching provides direction & strategy toward a client’s desired outcomes.

Coaching sheds light on what may be hindering a client’s forward movement. Coaching is a safe professional place for people to work towards whatever it is that they want in life.

Coaches are focused on imparting tools to help clients achieve what they want as opposed to talk therapy about their problems.

“Dana was a Godsend!  She helped me navigate through a very difficult, stressful situation in which I felt trapped and stuck.  Through her intuitive questions, insight and perspective, Dana shed new light on the situation and helped me craft a plan to move forward with joy, resolve and new energy.”
~Jami Pogue, Minneapolis

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one-on-one coaching

My coaching sessions are designed to revitalize and strengthen you body, mind and spirit; clear negative energy and align your energy with what you want to accomplish in life;  illuminate the truth and insights of your situation so you can move forward with confidence and joy, and more.

Your session will be a multisensory experience designed not just for your head but aimed at your heart and every cell in your body where deep, sustained transformation can take place.

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other programs

adoptive parent mentoring

As an adoptive parent, I believe in adoption and lives an adoption story and understands it’s complications, joys and challenges. I want to see adoptive families not only survive but thrive.

With mentoring, you can learn how to de-stress situations, understand and interpret the wisdom and insight your physical body provides, reconnect with your creative genius, have a sacred, healing space where your story can be heard and you will be seen, and more through at least 1: one on one coaching session per month, email support, and laser-focused support calls, and emergency support calls.

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repatriate mentoring program

Just as we plan and orient ourselves for international assignments, we need to orient ourselves for repatriation.

Returning “home” is riddled with not only great promise, but also common pitfalls. The repatriate mentoring program addresses these forgotten and ignored elements of repatriation, in the context of a virtual community of global nomads.

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