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Capim Santo Alchemy: Pure essential oils, nature's living energy handcrafted in small batches

“The GLOW Workshop was amazing and the women LOVED the scent. They were inhaling and feeling the energy and goodness in that tiny little bottle.

Also, since I’ve had it I find that I can’t go a day without it- sometimes I put it in my palms and just hold it up to breathe it in – so amazing – not to mention the effect it seems to have on men! Thank you Dana!”
~Gia Claire, Speaker, Author of memoir Head First

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My journey with essential oils began during a painful season in my life when I felt I was barely treading water. I had extended myself beyond my capacity and my system needed tender loving, luxurious care. The essential oils awakened all my senses. I found my mood improved, my immunity became more resistant, my self-awareness was more astute, I shifted negative energy more rapidly and my intuition was sharper.

The simple act of putting on the essential oil was pleasurable.

It was a win win for me, my curiosity was peeked and I began studying the therapeutic properties of oils.

I discovered a treasure trove of enlightenment!

Aromatherapy was the essence of primordial healing.

Anointing with sacred oil was a sign of favor and blessing in ancient times.

I’ll take all the favor and blessing available!

Aromatherapy is a balm to your soul, body, mind and energetic body. It’s bathing your deepest desires or suffering in the most delicious, mouth-watering nectar.

Nectar it was to our ancestors.

Today, we are awakening to what our ancient ancestors knew as common, the plant world is a source of tremendous healing power. Imagine at the tip of our touch, creation has provided us with the purest, most non-evasive, accessible sources of healing.

“Working with Dana Frost on formulating my signature scent has been a truly incredible experience.  From the very thoughtful questions in the beginning to her ability to listen close and meditate on my responses, it was really surprising.  Dana puts so much thought and care into the entire process, it feels like a retreat, in many ways.  And the end product?  Exactly what I always wanted and couldn’t articulate.  I’m so glad I took the leap and trusted Dana to help me find a unique scent that both supports and delights me.”
~Christa Gallopoulos, Carry it Forward

how does Aromatherapy work?

In lay-woman’s words, the foundation for the powerful impact of Aromatherapy is neurological. Your olfactory sense accesses your limbic brain function where memories are stored and behavior and motivation reside. Within our conscious and unconscious mind is stored every experience. Those experiences are woven into the fabric of our being impacting our behaviors and motivations. When we seek to change something in our life, it’s imperative we access our limbic brain function. Aromatherapy is an access point.




Lifts your spirit

Shifts energy





Signals that you are taking care of yourself. It’s like giving yourself a big hug and abundant love.

Aromatherapy supports the longings of your soul.

what is an Aromatherapy session?

A session lasts between thirty and sixty minutes. Prior to your session, you will receive a questionnaire to be completed and returned before your session. During your session, Dana will clarify your responses and lead you on an extraordinary meditative journey which will illuminate the support you need from the therapeutic essential oil blend that will be created just for you.

The session will wrap up with final questions you may have and afterwards Dana will begin crafting your blend.

The process is sacred and tender care is taken as Dana meditates and listens on your behalf with all the information she has gathered as she creates your special blend. She provides you with two to three samples of your blend which you receive via snail mail. You take a week to two weeks to experiment and experience the samples. You are free to provide feedback about the oils and request tweaks to the blend. After your first sample, your final oil is blended into a 2.5 fluid ounce spray or .35 fluid ounce roll-on and blessed in a sacred ceremony by Dana. It is then shipped to you via snail mail.

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