capim santo alchemy

Pure essential oils, nature’s living energy handcrafted in small batches

“I first experienced Dana’s custom aromatherapy through her Soar blend designed for coaches and entrepreneurs. I knew IMMEDIATELY that I wanted a custom blend made to support my Get Right with Money signature program participants. Dana and I talked about the qualities that are needed to create a new money archetype and take focused action based on that and she went to work. When I smelled the blend for the first time, I was in love. I encourage the participants to wear their scent when they are on our class calls, when they are working with the materials, and when they are working on their finances. The participants LOVE the scent as much as I do. I am just delighted to be able to provide something so special to the women I work with – something so nurturing, yummy, and supportive.” ~Nona Jordan, Money and Business Coach, CPA, and RYT

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to rise high in the air and fly effortlessly

Essential oils:

  • ylang ylang balances male/female energy, enhances spiritual attunement, increases focus of thoughts, filters out negative energy, restores confidence and peace
  • clary sage calms and relieves stress, increases ability to dream
  • basil boosts immunity, fights mental fatigue, relaxes muscles
  • frankincense increases spiritual awareness, enhances meditation, uplifts spirits
  • ginger gently stimulates, endows physical energy and courage

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a gentle balm to calm and comfort physical and emotional fatigue:

Essential oils:

  • wintergreen anti-inflamatory and analgesic that comforts all types of pain, stimulates and increases awareness in all levels of sensory system.
  •  hyssop stimulates creativity and meditation, anti-inflammatory, aides circulatory, digestive and respiratory systems, encourages forgiveness
  •  black Pepper analgesic, used in antiquity for endurance, stimulates metabolism, aides nerve and muscle pain, stimulating and energizing
  •  geranium reconnects to feelings, supports Central Nervous System, eases nervous tension, stabilizing, grounding, emotionally balancing, promotes feelings of peace and well-being
  •  vetiver anti-inflammatory, arthritic support, grounding, stabilizing, aides recovery from emotional trauma, circulatory stimulant, relaxant, calms anxiety
  •  lemongrass regenerates connective tissues, ligaments/muscles. anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, promotes lymph flow, promotes psychic awareness and purification

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set aside judgements, distractions and words to enter a soulful sanctuary of meditation. 

Essential oils:

  • frankincense ancient annointing oil of spiritual freedom, quiet contemplation and connection to the divine; heals the spirit and comforts the heart, quiets the monkey mind and relieves exhaustion
  • bergamot   oil of releasing and relaxing, refreshing and comforting of grief and anxiety; supports the free flow of energy, promotes letting go and balance.
  • jasmin oil of hope and grace; improves concentration, uplifting, counteracts hopelessness, depression; relieves grief and trauma.
  • basil  improves concentration, confidence, clarity and cheerfulness; uplifting and strengthening; clears the head, gives mind strength and clarity;  a tonic to the nervous system
  •  spikenard oil of faith and surrender; a precious oil in antiquity; stabilizes the mind and settles emotions, peace inducing, encourages forgiveness, balance and resolution

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