adoptive parent mentoring

Families motivated by
Love, Mercy and Compassion
Hopeful and Joyful.

For some families, the adoption story turns bitter and
Hopelessness sets in

And there’s a longing for the way life was pre-adoption?

Each adoption story is unique because each child’s soul enters this world with a different story.

Those stories intersect with our families’ stories and it’s a miracle if there’s no collision.

I’m here to tell you, your feelings and struggles are normal and there is always a way to tell a story that is more kind, compassionate and hopeful than the one you’ve been experiencing.

I know its BOLD but I can help you find the story of love in your adoption story.

I can help you gain

a fresh perspective

a sense of hope

And to see the light dispel the darkness.

I can see YOU because I saw myself after we adopted. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of desperation. That was in 2004 and I was living in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Today, I’m a Master Certified Martha Beck Life Coach who believes in adoption and lives an adoption story and understands it’s complications, joys and challenges. I want to see adoptive families not only survive but thrive. I happen to believe that’s not going to happen unless the primary care-giver is lavishly cared for. To many people, that may seem selfish but I’m here to tell you the rewards of an investment in the primary care taker, usually the mother, is an eternal investment in each family member and the health of the family. The effects of adoption are long term because the stress is not confined to a period in life. The stress these children suffered resurfaces intermittently within the life a family. It is known that long-term stress causes eventual health challenges.

I was that primary care-giver.

Motivated by compassion, love, hope and faith, our family of five adopted two gorgeous children, ages three and five, while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2003. Thus began my journey of appreciation, understanding and surrender to my personal well-being. You know the saying, “If mother ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Our adoption story became a rich well of wisdom where I learned first hand that a mother’s well-being is a cornerstone of healthy families. Adopting older children who have been abandoned or abused is a high risk investment; I refuse to sugar coat reality by suggesting otherwise. If you are a mom who has adopted or fostered older children you feel what I’m talking about. I add, high risk investments provide high reward and I promise, starving wolves could not tear Bruno and Esther from our family. However, there was a time when I imagined I could lose everything, my marriage and the family we had created and cherished. The intensity of our adoption rescue depleted my body, soul, mind, emotions and energy. There were hours when I had to just sleep, cry, detach, dream of undoing what we had done, dream of running away but I knew our story wasn’t supposed to end in defeat. Thankfully, we were surrounded by a community of generous, loving people who walked the adoption journey with us. However, the intensity of our situation required more than the support of friends. Although I didn’t fully understand the concept of a Life Coach, out of desperation, I hired one and the process was a remarkable saving grace.

As a Master Certified Life Coach, I offer my services to adoptive families.

As an adoptive parent you will receive the following benefits:

  • Create an on-going and adaptable, comprehensive, personal well-care plan.
  • Learn how to:
    • De-stress a situation.
    • Calm your Central Nervous System and move out of Fight/Flight/Freeze.
    • Understand and interpret the wisdom and insight your physical body provides.
    • Reconnect with your creative genius.
    • Improve communication skills.
    • Set beautiful boundaries.
    • Discover each family member’s love language and their value.
    • Become an advocate for yourself and your family in the community.
    • Embrace your emotions, learn from them and utilize them to create the life you want.
    • Identify what’s working, what’s not working and how to create personal and family harmony.
  • Provided with a sacred, healing space where your story can be heard and you will be seen, a place to celebrate, gain perspective and receive spiritual/well-care support.
  • Aromatherapy support, customized blends as needed during our contracted coaching relationship.

Your mentoring/coaching relationship includes:

  • At least 1: one on one coaching session per month, up to one coaching session per week.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Up to three, 20 minute laser focused support phone calls per month.
  • Up to two, 30 minute emergency support calls per month.

This coaching program is tailored to your unique situation. I recommend a minimum commitment of three months coaching support up to one year. Cost will be determined based on the level of support provided. You can expect a range of $300-500 per month.

Contact Dana if you’re interested. She only works with one adoptive family at a time.

847.691.0973 •